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Last Sunday's Sermon
-09/24/17 "Revealed Knowledge" (Notes)
(Communicated vs. Revealed knowledge)


Previous Sundays
-09/17/17 "The Grace of God" (Notes)
(The power you need)
-09/10/17 "Lordship Part 2" (Notes)
(What does it look like)
-09/03/17 "Lordship" (Notes)
(the nature of your relationship with Jesus)
-07/30/17 "Judge Not?" (Notes)
(Living without Judgment part 1)

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"What is Worship: Take 2"
"How to Worship"
"Hindrances to Worship"

-Prophecy Series
"God wants to speak to you"
"Prophecy Defined"
"Types of Prophecy"
"The Three Witnesses"
"The First Step"
"What's so Important?"
"Improving Your Ears"
"Prophecy Described"
"Dangers of Prophecy"

-Classic Sermons:

Struggling Part 1
Struggling Part 2
Struggling Part 3
A Cactus in a Wildfire

Living in the Right Tree Part 1
Living in the Right Tree Part 2

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